Creating A Great Music Room

Any musician, or music fan, will want to reap the benefits that a music room can bring. Whether you’re looking for a space to rehearse your new tracks, or simply somewhere to unwind and listen to your favorite tunes, a music room can be the ideal space in your home. It’s not always simple knowing where to start with making a room to enjoy music, but this guide will give you some helpful advice to get you started.


The decor is the main focal point of just about any room. The walls need to look great and the flooring needs to be both stylish and practical. Before setting out with decorating your music room, you should first consider what it will be used for. If you’re a musician yourself and it will be a rehearsal space you may want to decorate the walls with sources of inspiration. This could be in the form of images of your favorite artists, or could be patterns and colors that inspire you to do your best work and help you to focus. A music fan may want to put posters up on the walls of their idols, or even memorabilia they’ve collected over the years such as signed pictures and album artworks. Flooring for a music room is often best served with carpeting, which can look good and is versatile. A good carpet is an effective way of adding some sound proofing to a space, cushioning the noise of any loud music from rehearsing or listening to music. Carpets come in a range of colors, patterns and textures too; so the right one can be found for you.


Internal rooms can become stuffy, particularly music rooms that have sound proofing on the walls and floors. To prevent feeling shut away from the outside world, plants are a way of bringing the outdoors into your room. Plants can look great and brighten up the space. It can be easy to forget bromeliad watering but this can result in a neglected and unhealthy looking plant. Bromeliad watering isn’t difficult, and apps such as Planta can help you to know how your specific plant is best taken care of. All you need to do with Planta is scan it into the app with your phone and the handy tool will tell you what plant you have and what care it needs; whether that be placing it in direct sunlight or needing to water it regularly. A healthy plant is a happy plant, and it’ll look better too when taken care of diligently.


Furnishing a room is one of the enjoyable aspects of creating a new room. The world is your oyster when it comes to furnishings, with personal taste really being allowed to shine here. For a music rehearsal room, you’d want furnishings such as music stands and possibly stools for you to sit on. It’s also a great idea to add comfortable seating such as sofa’s, which are ideal for when you’re wanting to rest and listen back to any music you’ve recorded.

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