Music Brain Science: The Connection Between Music and your Brain

The type of music your brain prefers will vary depending on your background. While some people prefer jazz, others like classical music or rock ‘n’ roll. Studies reveal that classical music makes listeners smarter because it increases brain activity.

Other studies indicate that patients who have Alzheimer’s disease respond to music they are familiar with, especially the music they grew up listening to. Different parts of your brain light up when you listen to your favorite music. Even in Alzheimer’s patients, the emotional memories associated with music never fade out.

What Music Can Do

Listening to music can:

  • Help you tap into your primal fears
  • Help repair brain damage
  • Make you feel stronger
  • Help you communicate and express yourself better
  • Evoke memories
  • Make you smarter

Listen to New Music

For your brain to get the most out of music, you should not restrict yourself to listening to the oldies you listened to while growing up. Listening to new music challenges your brain in a way that old music can’t. The new songs may not feel fun or pleasurable at first. However, this unfamiliarity will awaken and challenge the brain.

Listen to your mind and see how you respond to different music types.